By rail to Norway's most extensive views
By rail to Norway's most extensive views

«The Gaustabanen tramway would almost certainly not have been built today. You must have vitality to set about building a tunnel up to the top of such a mountain"»

Helge Songe, author of the book «Gaustatoppen»
Foto: Ian Brodie

The first leg goes horizontally by tram 850 metres straight into Gaustatoppen Mountain.

Foto: Trond Stegarud

Further inside the mountain, you switch to a vertical track that takes you upward in a 1,040-meter-long tunnel with a gradient of 39 degrees.

Foto: Benjamin A. Ward / Visit Rjukan

The tram departs every ten minutes during business hours.

Foto: Benjamin A. Ward / Visit Rjukan

The entire trip up to the top takes a total of 15 minutes.

15 extraordinary minutes

A trip with the Gaustabanen tramway is a 15-minute historical journey on the inside of one of the most legendary mountains in Norway.

Facts about the Gaustabanen Tramway

Plans for the Gaustabanen tramway were completed in 1953.

The plan consisted of a unique tourist facility that allows everyone to experience the summit on Gaustatoppen.

When the tramway opened in 1959, the price tag totalled 14 million 1959-era Norwegian kroner.

One of Norway's most famous mountains had ended up as a hermetically sealed NATO facility.

The “secret” in Gaustatoppen Mountain

The story of the Gaustabanen tramway is all about dreams, the Cold War and impressive engineering.

The Magical Mountain

All you need to know about the facility at Gaustatoppen.​