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Practical information

Opening hours 2024

Tickets can be bought online, alternatively at the lower and upper station at Gaustabanen. At departure, ordinary queue has to be followed.

If weather and wind conditions, including the necessary visibility, indicate that it is not advisable to allow skiing, then the Gaustabanen does not carry skis.

Ticket prices

One-way: NOK 360
Round-trip: NOK 495

Tour cards
5 tours: NOK 1 450
10 tours: NOK 2 550
25 tours: NOK 5 900
50 tours: NOK 10 000

Unused tickets/tours are not refundable

Validity tour cards
Cards bought in 2022/2023 is valid throughout 2024
Cards bought in 2023/2024 is valid throughout 2025

Children 5-15 years

One-way: NOK 235
Round-trip: NOK 300

5 tours: NOK 990
10 tours: NOK 1 800
25 tours: NOK 4 000
50 tours: NOK 7 000

Children 0-4 years



One-way: NOK 50
Round-trip: NOK 75

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