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The classic hike from Stavsro to the top

The hike from Stavsro to Gaustatoppen is the most popular route to the top. It is suitable for most people. The hike takes about 3 hours. A good option is to hike one way and go by Gaustabanen the other way. The most common is to hike to the top and go by Gaustabanen down again.

Hike one way: approximately 3 hours
Level of difficulty:

It's easiest to get to Gaustatoppen from the county coad no. 651 between Tuddal and Rjukan.
If you leave from the parking lot at Stavsro by Heddersvatn Lake at a normal pace, it will take three hours up and two hours back down. The trail is well marked, but there are a lot of rocks and it's steep at the end. The difference in elevation along this route is about 700 metres. Nice summit trip suitable for families who are used to walking in the mountains.