At the top of Telemark
At the top

From the summit on Gaustatoppen Mountain, you have a view of 1/6 of mainland Norway.

Foto: Thomas Rasmus Skaug / Visit Norway

Under ideal conditions, you can see 60,000 square kilometres of Norway.

Foto: Thomas Rasmus Skaug / Visit Norway

In comparison, Denmark has a total land area of about 43,000 km².

Foto: Trond Stegarud

On a clear day, you can see all the way to Færder Lighthouse in the outermost part of Oslo Fjord.

Foto: Thomas Rasmus Skaug / Visit Norway

In terms of surface area, you will find no view this extensive anywhere else in Norway.

Natural highlights

Like nature's own playpen with a variety of incredible natural phenomena, Gaustatoppen is constantly surprising visitors with magical moments.

Dining and accommodation.

At an elevation of 1,860 masl, you can enjoy light refreshments and accommodation at the Gaustatoppen Tourist Lodge.

The lodge was built using stone materials from the summit, and has been welcoming tourists since 1893.

Here, you can enjoy a fresh-made waffle along with the famous views.

During the high season, nearly 100 litres of waffle batter are used each day.

Gaustatoppen mountain on foot

The trails that will take you to the top of the mountain.

Gaustatoppen on skis

A spectacular experience in one of Europe's most awesome mountains.