The idea of Gaustabanen was first launched in 1953

Gaustabanen is a funicular deep inside the mountain Gaustatoppen.
It opened first time for testing in 2004, and lasted until 2007. It was only open some few days within the whole year.
In 2008 they could finally sign the agreement with the Norwegian Armed Forces.
Gaustabanen opened for commercial operation in 2010

A grand idea

The idea of building a tramway inside the mountain, was first launched in 1953. They had a vision of presenting an attraction for tourists, so spectacular! Everyone should have a chance to visit the great mountain Gaustatoppen.


To finance the project, they engaged the Norwegian Armed forces. Gradually the project become less for tourists, and more for the armed forces. When the tramway was done in 1959, it was no longer an offer for tourism. It was now a confidentially construction made for NATO. Later it also became a senter for weather- and broadcasting.



Skikjøring Gaustatoppen


Sjekk gutta i Afterbang leke seg på Gaustatoppen!

Explore Gaustatoppen!

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